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Apr 21 2010

Zoo Keeper

Lately I have felt more like a zoo keeper then a teacher. My students seem to be more then eager to do anything that does not involve science. Luckily I have progressed enough in my standards that I am finally on space science, which holds students a little better then things like continental drift. After a tantalizing lesson on eclipses today, I am going to attempt to take my students outside to make themselves into sun-Earth-moon situations (rotations, revolutions, eclipses etc.) My principal loves the idea, but thinks that ALL my classes should participate. Now I am fine with all of my classes participating except for my first period. First period usually looks like this… me standing in front of the room, running around the room, or standing at the door waiting for back up, students yelling at each other, throwing things, and otherwise ensuing chaos (there was that one time when one student had his pants off while another threw a book at a student while another was crying in the corner and yet another was screaming at the top of her voice) Pretty much first period has become a game of survival. There are only 15 students in this class, yet the thought of trying to take them outside terrifies me. Hopefully tomorrow works out.

On a funnier note….
Students have decided to feel sorry for me being alone. Little do they know I live with 5 other people. A student told me this week “Ms. H. I am worried about you. You cook dinner by yourself, eat by yourself. I think about you being all alone and it is sad. You need a man!”

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  1. Jane

    Maybe it will be raining 1st period!

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