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Nov 02 2010


I had a ahhaa moment today. K (the repeater who I have spoken of many a time) has FINALLY seemed to get the importance of education. During learning strategies class today, K stopped his work (and for what came out of his mouth next, I didn’t mind), looked me in the eye, and said, “You know Ms. H I need to go to college.” I about fell off my stool when he said this and I asked him why he replied, “I want to make money when I get older and I need education to do that. I need to shape up so I can go to at least some college”

I about jumped for joy! I mean it will take a lot for K to make it (he is several years behind and has a lot of educational hurdles to overcome) but I am so happy to hear he has this desire to learn. Now hopefully this will translate into work in the classroom.

On a side note…

I made elephant toothpaste with my students last week (really cool chemical reaction, google it!) and told a small fib that we needed to make the toothpaste for my pet elephant. I told this fib in a way that left no room for them thinking I actually have an elephant. However, my students are now convinced I have an elephant named Georgette. My roommates have decided to play into this and have told the kids all about our pet elephant. ┬áNext up… photoshopping a picture of our elephant in front of our house…

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