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Feb 17 2011

A rat is in the building

Today when I entered our building I was hit with this horrible smell. I can’t even put into words what it was. Luckily, while the smell got worse the closer you got to my classroom, my classroom was odor free. While in the hallways changing periods the smell became almost too much and I said “What is that awful smell?” at once 4 kids turned and said “dead rat.” So the hunt is on for a rat carcass in our building. Wonderful.

On a happier note, it is beautiful out! It was 70 degrees and sunny today and is supposed to stay this way through the weekend! This is great because track just began and I am coaching this year. Go Cowboys!

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  1. Jane

    I guess you could build up some great sprinters running away from rats! Does it make you feel better to know that most schools (or any building in general) have a rodent problem occasionally?

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