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Mar 31 2011

Teaching is like a relationship

Thinking of ending my second year, and thus my career as a teacher, I have decided that to me teaching is like a relationship. Now unfortunately teaching is like a relationship in which one wants to get married and the other does not. Teaching would like me to continue on blissfully wed to my job, whereas I would like to earn my masters and work in the policy sector. It’s not that I don’t love teaching, I really do, its just I have a commitment problem.  I’m afraid that the mood swings and economic issues in the field of education could result in a nasty divorce between me and teaching and the last thing I want is to become a cynic. Like in most relationships, both teaching and myself know we are coming to an end, which is leading to some uncomfortable conversations at my school. Students asking me, “But can’t you stay and teach me?” is a very hard question to answer as is, “You don’t really like us do you?”. Teachers saying , “Well what could we do to make you stay?” “we’re going to miss you at our school”. In turn this has led to some odd days at school where I seem to get mad easily as if to push school away from me so it hurts less when I leave. These next couple of months will be interesting, and I hope that we can have an amicable split.

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  1. Jane

    Very well said!

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