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Apr 07 2011

Bill Nye Rules!

Lately I have been using Bill Nye the Science Guy videos in my classroom. For those of you who are not aware of who Bill Nye is, he created a series of science TV shows in the early 1990′s. His show included silly jokes and lots of songs. He had a habit of randomly yelling science several times each episode, and something was almost always gaurenteed to blow up. He was a staple in my science education. I thought that the jokes and crazy antics he does in his show would be out of style now, but my students love him! They think he is hilarious. They have actually started re-making the title song to my name. The best part is, the movies are only 20 minutes long, so its a perfect recap of information from a week of instruction. (For you fellow science teachers out there, the episodes are available on itunes for only 1.99 each!)

3 Responses

  1. CLB

    LOVE IT! And, the best resource for elementary science is “The Magic School Bus.” Great stuff!

  2. I was in awe when I met Bill Nye–my favorite celebrity meetup for sure :)

  3. thelearningcurve

    Growing up, I was never very good at science, but watching shows like The Magic School Bus and Bill Nye: The Science Guy helped me to believe I could be. I wouldn’t understand stuff in the classroom but I’d watch a couple of episodes and experience science in a different way. So I’m really happy that you’re teaching alongside those videos as well, it helped me so much!

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