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Jul 27 2011

The Future

In the time since the school year ended I have moved back to Ohio to attend The Ohio State University in the fall. My end goal of getting my masters degree is to one day be able to change things for my students in Mississippi. As TFA corps members throughout the Delta prepare to return to the classroom in a few weeks, I have mixed feelings of not being amongst them. While I feel that I put forth my best work and did as much as I could while I was in the Delta, I worry that my students may not carry what they learned last year. They are such wonderful kids and they have so much potential, I hope their next teacher really sees their ability. I am also going to miss the day to day drama that the lives of teenagers bring. I will not be missing the stress and the fighting and the frustration. I have been in contact with my buildings secretary so that I can keep a tab on some of my student babies as they move on in their studies… hopefully. I look forward to what the future brings and really hope that I can make it back to my school to visit my students this year. I know that no matter what, my students will forever be with me. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about them and hope that they are getting what they need and what they want.  The Delta is now a part of me, and it is a part that I am very proud of.

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