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Jul 27 2011

The Future

In the time since the school year ended I have moved back to Ohio to attend The Ohio State University in the fall. My end goal of getting my masters degree is to one day be able to change things for my students in Mississippi.¬†As TFA corps members throughout the Delta prepare to return to…

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May 03 2011

Osama Bin Laden

Today in class we were supposed to be talking about the ways in which NASA has helped us in our everyday lives…. instead we went on a tangent in my fifth period class about Osama Bin Laden. Feeling that it was a truly important current event, I went with it. My students were curious as…

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Apr 07 2011

Bill Nye Rules!

Lately I have been using Bill Nye the Science Guy videos in my classroom. For those of you who are not aware of who Bill Nye is, he created a series of science TV shows in the early 1990′s. His show included silly jokes and lots of songs. He had a habit of randomly yelling…

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Mar 31 2011

Teaching is like a relationship

Thinking of ending my second year, and thus my career as a teacher, I have decided that to me teaching is like a relationship. Now unfortunately teaching is like a relationship in which one wants to get married and the other does not. Teaching would like me to continue on blissfully wed to my job,…

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Feb 22 2011

TFA Summit Reflection

A week and a day ago I came back from Washington D.C. and the Teach for America 20th anniversary summit (One Saturday to reflect on our organization and education reform). I have had time to digest what was said and have decided to reflect on it now. I have broken up this post into several…

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Feb 17 2011

A rat is in the building

Today when I entered our building I was hit with this horrible smell. I can’t even put into words what it was. Luckily, while the smell got worse the closer you got to my classroom, my classroom was odor free. While in the hallways changing periods the smell became almost too much and I said…

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Feb 04 2011

New Kid in Town

I have a new student in my fifth period class. I was warned that he is a terror to have. Having been kicked out of a previous school he was sent to reform school where he was also removed. I was a little hesitant to meet this student to say the least. However, when he…

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Jan 21 2011

You have to earn a ‘F’

One of the most heart warming moments I have had this year with a student took place out on bus duty this past Tuesday. It involves 2 students who I will first briefly describe. Student 1- Jack- Jack is a quiet student who is respectful and kind. He helps those around him, even when he…

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Jan 19 2011

Cell processes

Of all the things I teach my students, they seem to loose the most interest in cell processes (mitosis, meiosis, photosynthesis etc.) I am trying to make it as much fun as I can and try to incorporate all types of real life experiences, but its like pulling teeth. I assigned students to create a…

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Jan 12 2011


At last, a snow day! Well yesterday was at least! In true southern style, the threat of snow was enough to close all schools in the delta on Sunday night. When I awoke around 8 on Monday morning there was merely a light dusting of ice on the greenery and the roads were perfectly clear.…

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Jan 07 2011

The New Year Begins!

3 days into the 2011 teaching year. My students have, for the most part, been pretty good this week. I am more out of my usual then them as I have not quite gotten used to waking up before 6 am yet. I have decided that this year I will work with my seventh period…

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Dec 15 2010

Its Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It is the time of year for Christmas festivities. Growing up in the suburbs of Cleveland and attending public school, there was never any Christmas program or blatently Christian celebrations of the holidays in the schools. We would talk about the different holidays like Kwanza and Chanukah and the different cultures practices throughout the world.…

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Dec 08 2010


Teaching science in the deep south, land of the bible belt, I knew that evolution would be a hot spot. So inevitablly upon starting a discussion of what the theory or evolution is (after making the disclaimer that you may have your own religious views, but in science we only deal with science) I recieved…

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Dec 02 2010

Lightning may not strike the same place twice…

But apparently tornados do! Monday night I was well prepared to complete a stack of grading and get my lessons planned for the week. Having my night planned of course meant that none of it would actually happen. As my roommates and I are playing a quick game of Nertz (really the best card game…

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Nov 19 2010

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Today my students learned about how to write a scientific procedure. To begin with I had them write the procedure to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. For most students all that was written was ‘You take the bread, put the stuff on it, and eat it”. I followed their directions as they were…

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Nov 18 2010

School Cafeteria Thanksgiving

Today I am thankful for the school cafeterias thanksgiving lunch. My students love lunch on this particular day. They all chomp away happily and the feeling of the holidays is in the air. Even the lunch ladies are having a good day. Shawn even manages to eat most of his food without spitting any on…

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Nov 17 2010

Almost Thanksgiving!

It is almost thanksgiving break! Which is very exciting, but will make the next 3 days pass pretty slowly. In the spirit of the holiday season I am going to highlight aspects of my teaching experience that I am thankful for. Todays spotlight: My students wonderful ability to question. – Now don’t get me wrong…

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Nov 09 2010

Teachers must play

The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving break are rather stressful because the kids are checked out and the teachers are getting tired as well. In order to keep our heads clear our house has decided to leave plenty of time for us to play cards and laugh together about non-school related items. For instance, tonight…

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Nov 02 2010


I had a ahhaa moment today. K (the repeater who I have spoken of many a time) has FINALLY seemed to get the importance of education. During learning strategies class today, K stopped his work (and for what came out of his mouth next, I didn’t mind), looked me in the eye, and said, “You…

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Nov 01 2010

I have not disappeared, my hair has just changed!

I know that it has been about a month since I have written a blog post… and being the self assured person I am, I know many of you have been missing my witty, insightful and sometimes just plain amazing blog posts. I do have a reason why I have refrained from sharing my experiences…

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Sep 30 2010

I have become desensitized to bodily actions

After multiple weeks upon a year of dealing with the gas outpouring from my students body, I apparently have become immune to the noises that accompany that gas. I am currently sitting in the Jackson, Mississippi airport waiting to catch a plane that will take me (via Charolette) to the most wonderful state in the…

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Sep 22 2010


After today, a day with two fights in or around my classroom, I have to wonder about the prevelence of violence in my students lives. After second period today there was a fight in the hallway. After breaking it up I was visibly upset, as I tend to get after any fight. Yet when looking…

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Sep 15 2010

Dusty Springfield is in the room

While at school today, a preacher I know from Yazoo city walks into the lunchroom (he had business in town that ended early so he decided to drop in to see my class, which was really welcomed as we have discussed them in detail several times). He is a tall white man, so naturally all…

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Sep 10 2010

A little bruised ego on the football field…

Our first homegame for the junior high football team was tonight. All day long I was getting kids telling me how great we were and how we were going to cream the other team. Well in the first 2 minutes of the game the other team had scored 2 touchdowns. We ended up losing 0-34.…

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Sep 08 2010


I introduced energy to my students today. I mean, they’ve had energy all along, but I introduced the vocabulary of energy in science to them today. We also played with an electro-static generator (one of those large metal balls that emits an eletric field and when you touch it, it makes your hair stand up…

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